Vietnamese Community in South Australia

History & Structure

The Vietnamese Community in Australia /SA Chapter Inc. (VCASA) was established in 1978, as a result of the wave of boat people (refugees) who fled Vietnamese communism after the civil war ended. This community organisation was originally formed to address the settlement needs of Vietnamese people and advocate for socially disadvantaged people and those whose human rights have been violated.

The organisation has grown significantly and now offers a range of culturally competent services to an increasingly culturally diverse client group: services target Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese people in need, with a focus on people from non-English speaking backgrounds, especially new arrival communities.

The organisation offers the following specialised services:

  1. Social welfare services through Community Access & Services SA
  2. The Vietnamese Community in Australia / SA Chapter Inc Ethnic School
  3. The Vietnamese Community in Australia / SA Chapter Inc Cultural Diversity Vacation Care
  4. Community Centre

The Management Committee  of VCASA employs and appoints professionally qualified staff with mandated training to work in its services for Social Welfare services through Community Access & Services SA.


The Management Committee of VCASA is elected every two years. The Committee consists of a President, Internal Affairs Vice President, External Affairs Vice President, Vice President for Planning, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Terms of the Management Committee since 1978 :

Term I  – (1978 – 1979) : Mr Nguyen Van Tuoi

Term 2 – (1979- 1980 ) : Mr Duong Nguyen

Term 3,4 & 5 – (1980 – 1984 ): Mr Tran Van Nhu

Term 6 & 7 – (1984 – 1987 ): Mr Vu Ngoc Kha

Term 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 – (1987 – 1997 ): Mr Nguyen Ngoc Tan

Term 13,14,15,16,17.18.19, 20 & 21 – (1997 – 2015 …): Mr Doan CCP Loc

Term 22 (2015- 2017): Mr Tin Le

Term 23 (2017-2019): Mr Phung Nguyen

VCASA also has an Advisory Board which consists of invitees by the Management Committee during its term, to consider a range of Management Committee delegated issues and also provide advice and support to the Management Committee for issues that impact on the Vietnamese community.

 Constitution 2018