Cultural Diversity Vacation Care

Vietnamese Cultural Diversity Vacation Care. is licensed to provide care for children in school holidays. We cater for children of all ethnic group aged 5-12.

Vietnamese Cultural Diversity Vacation Care is located at St Patrick’s Primary School, Mansfield Pk. This is a school where children can enjoy all well established facilities such as playground, sandpit and oval.


Vietnamese Cultural Diversity Vacation Care is a welcoming and an enjoyable place for children to come whilst their parents work, study or undertake other activities. The children have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of stimulating, entertaining and culturally inclusive activities.

The staff provide a consistently caring environment incorporating a fun program of activities for the children.

Our aims and objectives for children are:

  • Social and emotional – to assist babies and older children to develop self esteem and self confidence.
  • Cognitive – to assist intellectual development, problem solving, decision making and reasoning in children of all ages.
  • Language and creativity – to assist children to develop communication skills and have the opportunity to express themselves through music and art.
  • Physical including fine and gross motor skillsto assist in small muscle control, hand to eye coordination and pre-writing skills. Gross motor development will enhance large muscle body control and spatial awareness.

 Guiding Behaviour

  • Staff will model and teach appropriate behaviour – eg speak to each other and children in a respectful way, encourage children to speak to each other in the same respectful manner.
  • Staff will encourage children to resolve conflicts between each other and help children gain skills in problem solving. In turn promoting resilience.
  • Staff will involve children in making rules for behaviour at the service and in deciding on consequences for not obeying the rules.
  • Staff will involve families and appropriate school staff where behavioural management plans need to be implemented.