Ethnic School

The Vietnamese Community Ethnic School has been formed and directly operated by the Management Committee of the Vietnamese Community in Australia/South Australia Chapter Inc. since 1980.

The school is officially registered with the Ethnic School Board in South Australia. The aim of the school is to provide Vietnamese language and culture to students within the community from Pre-School through to High School. The school’s aim is also to develop confidence in all students to use the language and feel proud of their identity.

The school’s program and text books have been implementing the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework which is offered by Dept. of Education and Children’s Services and the new curriculum program assures quality learning for all students.

A requirement of the Ethnic School Board is that students’ learning outcomes are to be reported to their mainstream school once a year, and also to their parents.

The school has around 450 students enrolled (including Maths tutoring classes) with 32 volunteers teaching and non-teaching staff. With P&D sessions during School Holidays,  the staffs have  reviewed and updated all the text books which have been used. After publishing the Text books for Primary School levels, we have also developed 4 Readers for Junior Primary levels, and a Students’ Handbook.

Every year, the staff and students have also been involved in the Community’s Tet and Moon Festivals by participating in singing and dancing, competition in Vietnamese language, traditional dress and drawing etc… 

School Structure :

  • Principal
  • Co-ordinator of both centres
  • Teaching staff
  • Non- teaching staff
  • Educational adviser
  • Parents representatives

The School has two Centres :

Croydon Pk Centre ( Based at Adelaide Secondary School of English)

Vietnamese language classes : from pre-sch level to year 9

Maths tutoring classes : from year 1 to year 12

Virginia Centre (Based at Virginia Primary School)

Vietnamese language classes : from pre-sch level to year 7

Maths tutoring classes : from year 1 to year 7