Lan Nguyen

About Us 

Welcome to Community Access and Services SA (CASSA)!

CASSA is a social and community service which operates under the umbrella of the Vietnamese Community in Australia / SA Chapter Incorporated (VCASA).  This service had been known as VCASA’s community and social services  since 1978.  In 2012, the service was registered under its new name Community Access and Services SA to reflect its capacity to support diverse communities outside of the Vietnamese community

CASSA is a team of dedicated and specialised bi-lingual and bi-cultural workers from diverse cultural backgrounds.  We aim to empower people who are disadvantaged in terms of social, health and socio-economic needs.  Our services are provided to people on an individual or group basis depending on the situation. 

Our Vision

Community Access and Services SA seeks to be known as:

  • An organisation highly dedicated to the service of our clients, where our clients receive friendly, efficient, sympathetic, non-discriminatory and respectful services;
  • An organisation committed to modern, progressive and innovative work practices and seen by all our workers as a good place to work; and
  • An organisation acknowledged by our partners and other organisations as the most capable for addressing social issues associated with our clients and community.

Our Principles

  • People Empowerment: we believe in empowering our clients so that they will be able to resolve their own problems and find their rightful place in the community;
  • Holistic Approach: we believe in resolving an individual’s problems within the larger context of the environment in which the person lives, such as the family, our community, or the wider society;
  • Social Justice and social inclusion: we will continue to advocate for social justice and inclusiveness in our society
  • Cultural Diversity: we will constantly be attuned to the cultural needs of the local community and will draw on the strengths of our traditions and culture to resolve the problems that our local community faces in today’s society;
  • Prevention Focus: we believe in fostering a healthy and supportive environment within our community so that problems can be resolved harmoniously and positively before they become acute.
  • Strengthen partnership with wider community:  to maximise local resources in the most efficient and effective manner

Our Target Group

CASSA offers services to people regardless of their cultural backgrounds, religion or political beliefs; who may be at risk of having issues such as: family conflict, health/mental health, frail aged/disability, alcohol and other drugs misuse, problem gambling, legal issues, youth issues, homelessness, cultural and language barriers, and access to vocational/employment training.

Our Services

CASSA provides a wide range of social support services , health promotion through using one-on-one service delivery models and community development services, including:

  • Adult Community Education
  • Aged Care Service
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Service
  • Gambling Help Service
  • Youth Service
  • Gender Equity project: Anti-violence against women
  • Community Education
  • General drop-in services, filling in of forms and advocacy.